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The Right Fit for Every Need

At Quality Family Eyecare, Inc. we offer eyewear for everyone and every need. Our staff of state-licensed opticians are trained to select the frame and lens option combinations that work best for you and your prescription.

Fashion Eye Wear: For when you want to look your best, our eyewear gallery of over 800 frames includes brands such as Vanni, Silhouette, Nike, Adidas.

Sun Wear: Nothing is more important for the health of your eyes than UV protection. Look to Quality Family Eyecare, Inc. for the latest style of sun wear with the best UV protection available. Our Sun Center includes brands such as Nike, Carrara, Adidas, Wiley X, Maui Jim, and Vera Bradley.

Sport Wear: Whether it's racquetball, baseball, football or skeet shooting, we can provide you and your family with the safest sport eye wear available.

Safety: We offer a large selection of ANSI approved frame and lenses suitable for industrial and home work shop projects.

Ophthalmic Lenses: We pride ourselves in using only the most innovative lens technology. Our doctors and licensed opticians take your personal visual tasks and create a lens design that will optimize your vision. Golf, fishing, sewing, reading, tablet work, computer work, skiing, cycling; There are lenses that can help you enjoy them even more. Learn more about your visual options at hoyavision.com.

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